Reiki & Readings


Invite peace and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit with a Reiki session. Your session will trigger deep relaxation while releasing stagnant energy from your body. If you are experiencing frequent anxiety, stress, depression, or physical or emotional dis-ease, a session can leave you feeling transformed. Additionally, you will receive an intuitive reading to share any spiritual guidance you need.

We will begin with light stretching and meditation to open our minds to receive.

Following the meditation each individual will receive energetic cleansing and an individual tarot reading.

After all have received the experience, the group will come back together for a few grounding breaths and gratitude practice.

Sunday, November 12th @ 9AM PST

Composed Living
20929 Ventura Blvd Ste 34 Woodland Hills, CA 91364



Our monthly Manifestation Circle will provide you with:

Confidence and clarity about your manifestation goals

A powerful community of co-creators invested in your success

A safe space to be vulnerable and authentic

Valuable coaching from supportive group members

Homework delivered digitally to enhance your manifestation ritual

Join our next Manifestation Circle to connect with others and learn the power of co-creation. Sharing your goals with our encouraging circle of supporters will amplify your ability to manifest success.