Are you frustrated with trying to improve your love life, finances or self-esteem with inconsistent results?

Tired of feeling left out — like other people have the secret to success and you don't?

Do you wish you had a community there to support you and encourage you along the way?

we've been there

From single, depressed and in the corporate rat race...

to manifesting our husbands, creating beautiful families and running the company of our dreams...

we know what it takes to change your reality.


The Knower's Journey is a 12-month program that uses proven methods of identity shifting and manifestation to help you create major improvements in your life.

Each month, we will focus on a specific aspect of the human experience to help you feel, deal with and heal what is holding you back from progress.

As a Knower's Journey subscriber, you will have members-only access to videos, guides, group tarot readings and content that align with the theme of the month. You will receive six curated products (3 digital and 3 mailed to you each month). This package will aid in your manifestation rituals for the month.

We will also host monthly virtual members-only group coaching sessions, allowing you to connect with others in the program. Bring your most pressing questions and get feedback from us and other members.

As an added bonus, Knower's Journey members receive 15% of the entire Pretty Spirits store (including all products and services).

Consider The Knower’s Journey Program as your accountability partner and spiritual wellness community. This isn’t just a box of cool stuff. We are providing tools and guidance to help you achieve life-changing results.

Manifest Results Faster

Experience better love, improved finances and success with goals that matter to you.

Decrease Anxiety

We teach you to take charge of your healing journey, aligning you with clarity, purpose and peace.

Improve Discipline

We act as your accountability partners, encouraging you to show up for yourself consistently.

Gain Confidence

Learn how to take up space, confront issues, and problem solve without needing approval from others.

Sharpen Self-Awareness

We teach you how to hear your internal voice clearer. Strong intuition = strong decision making.

Set Better Boundaries

"No" is a sentence, you will learn how to say it. Save energy for what truly matters to you.