The Truth Deck Oracle Cards Glossary - 2nd Edition

Scroll through the card names in alphabetical order to find alternative meanings.
On the same page. Matching up with.
As More Questions
Investigate further. More information needed.
Ask for Help
Be vulnerable. Open up to support. Expose your limitations. Declare your needs.
Assert Yourself
Stand your ground. Speak clearly. Challenge.
Balancing Act
Give and take. Mutual benefit. Handling more than one matter at once. Cause and effect.
Be confident
Stand up for yourself. Improve self-esteem, self-worth or deservingness.
Better Perspective
More positive approach. Optimistic mindset.
Busy Bee
Tied up. Juggling many tasks. Gossip energy.
Chakra Balance
Align your values. Cleanse your chakras. Practice yoga. Spiritual healing.
Checking Your Social Media
Going through your social media pages. Online dating. Virtual stalking.
Children Involved
Children interfering with matters. Immature or petty individuals. Childlike expression.
Choose You First
Putting your needs ahead of others’. Taking a stand for your beliefs. Setting boundaries. Vocalizing desires.
Closure Needed
Close the chapter. Forgiveness needed.
Commitment Coming
Higher level of a relationship. Job offer coming. Agreement approaching.
Friends, neighbors or family. People of like mind. Support group.
Clouded energy. Lack of clarity.
Deep Feelings
Intimacy. Layered emotions. Powerful connection.
Deepening Bond
Intimacy. Stronger relationship.
Desires Reconnection
Reconciliation probable. Returning person or opportunity.
Empathy Overload
Sensitive. Anxiety. Consumed by other people’s feelings. Compassion fatigue.
Stop. Dead End. Release.
Energy Block
Writer’s block. Hold up on energy flow. Unable to see. Not creating. Not expressing.
Energy cleansing
Clear your aura. Step away from lower vibrations. Sage and palo santos yourself, home, and workspaces. Choose healing modality.
Coveting the success of another. Comparing yourself to the lives’ of others.
Exciting News
Happy information given or received.
Family Issues
Drama within the household. Thoughts and beliefs passed down from family members. Family interfering.
Fear and Worry
Anxiety of the unknown. Resistance to change. Overthinking. Self doubt.
Feeling Alone
Isolated. Feeling closed off. Abandoned.
Financial Improvements
Increase in monetary gains. Manifesting abundance. Improved self-value.
Fire Ignited
Passion beginning to grow for a person, project or idea. Sexual excitement.
Fresh Start
Heal wounds. Release baggage. Remove judgments.
Exit. Stop. Leaving.
Happy Outcome
Positive results. Time of celebration. Joyous or fulfilling experience.
Fall. Reaping what you sow. Period of manifesting desires. Seeing results come to life.
Heal Money Issues
Release fears around finances. Money shortage. Lack of self value.
Hidden Agenda
Secret intentions. Two-faced. Wearing a mask. Inauthentic.
Be upfront and truthful. Step out of denial. 
Not maintaining harmony. Lack of even give and take. Biased.
Immature Emotions
Childish reactions. Repressed feelings. Careless or impulsive expressions.
It’s Not Personal
Don’t take offense. Not about you. Remain impartial.
Lack of Passion
Low desire for a person, place or experience. Boredom. Feeling obligated. Going through the motions.
Let it Go
Release the past. Let it be. Unburden your troubles.
Love Beginning
New love grows. Fascination. Appreciation.
Love Yourself
Focus on self - love. Put your needs first. Invest in yourself.
Low Vibes
Dense emotions. Lack of energy. Negative feelings.
Lingering around in person or via social media. Spying. Infringing upon privacy.
Possible outcome. Undecided.
Silent time connecting with Spirit. Peaceful time of reflection. Go within.
Past reflections. Reviewing old thoughts, patterns, habits and emotions. Prior experiences. Leaving something or someone behind.
More Info Needed
Additional information. Learning more about a person, place or experience.
More to be Revealed
Other information must be shown. Awaiting additional insight. 
More to come
Awaiting information, money, or opportunity. Story is incomplete.
New Career Path
New role in life. New job. Change in career.
New Home
New residence. Change locations. New spiritual level. Healthier, harmonious physical body.
New Lifestyle
Change in life needed. Sexual interest change. Switching habits. Growth and change.
Denied. Not for you.
Not Hearing You
Unable to understand. Denial. Not open to listening.
Notice the Signs
Synchronicities. Universal messages. Spirit is speaking. Trends and patterns.
On the Horizon
Soon to come. Outcome approaching. Future plans.
Open Your Heart
Be in the receptive mode. Acceptance. Receiving help.
Pause Before Acting
Stop and think. Refrain from impulsiveness.
Positive Energy
Optimistic vibes. Welcoming. Encouraging. In your favor.
Replay the situation. Looking to the past.
Relationship Improvements
Better connection. Building a bond. Optimistic future within a relationship of any kind.
Repeating the Past
Replaying old thought patterns, memories or patterns. Blockages from old emotional wounds. Cycles revisited.
Results Coming
Outcome playing out soon. Final decisions being revealed. Aftermath of situation being shown.
Returning to You
Coming back around. Reconnecting. Karma.
Romance is Yours
Feelings of adoration and romance. Compatibility. Emotional excitement. Love connection.
Seeing Clearly
Focused. Open to possibilities. Clarity. Awareness.
Set Boundaries
Release control. Restrict access. Stop behaviors.
Sexual Interest
Stimulating sensual attraction. Excitement for a creative project or idea.
Shift Your Focus
Change your mindset. Redesign believes. Let go of obsessive thoughts. See differently.
Show More Respect
Honor yourself and others. Appreciate and give gratitude.
Soul Journey
Deep spiritual healing and growth. Spiritual awakening.
Soul Tribe
Familiar energies. Chosen Family. Soulmates.
Soulmate Connection
Soul bond. Reincarnated energies. Deep emotional and spiritual relationship.
Speak Your Truth
Open up and declare. Say what is on your heart. Share thoughts.
Spring Equinox
The birth of a new chapter. New light. New balance to be achieved.
Mental, emotional and spiritual muscle. Resilience. Solid foundation. Dedication.
Success is Yours
Favorable outcome. Honor your wins. You are deserving of abundance.
Summer. Warming up. Summer love.
Take a trip
Travel. Explore options in reality or in the imagination. Give space.
Temporary Setback
Minor delay.
Alluring. A person, place, habit or experience calling you. Unhealthy habit or action. Excitement.
Texting You
Phone correspondence. Emails or written notes.
The Long Haul
Long term. In it to win it. Stable and consistent. Commitment.
The Time is Now
Act now. An ideal time for yang energy. Be decisive.
Think it Through
Reflect upon matters. Process your thoughts before acting. See from another perspective.
Throwing Shade
Being passive aggressive. Disrespect given. Judgement passed.
Time Apart
Distance needed. Separation. Individuality.
Time for Play
Release your inner child. Express excitement. Invoke laughter. Do something you enjoy.
Time to Forgive
Release. Let go of harbored emotions. Free from resentment.
Believe in the process. Release control. Adopt a knowingness.
Try Again
Another chance. Persistence. New beginning.
Via Phone
Contact through text, email, social media or a call.
Walk it Off
Release the negative emotions. Take a break. Temporarily disconnect from ego.
Warning Signs
Red flags. Anxiety. Fearful thoughts. Heads up.
Weighing Options
Deciding between paths. Make a choice. Juggling matters.
Winter Solstice
Winter. Colder Energy. Reflection. Rebirth.
Affirmative. Confirmation.