Reconciliation Edition Glossary

Scroll through the card names in alphabetical order to find alternative meanings.

Afraid of Commitment

Fearful of a deepening level of consistency and vulnerability. A growing bond is sparking abandonment issues. 

All About You

Focus is fully placed on the person in question. Consideration given to another. Selfishness.

An Ex Involved

A past love’s energy is interfering with the current connection. Cheating. Baggage. 

Assert Yourself

Stand up for yourself. Express directly what you are feeling.

Be Patient

A decision or course of action requires more time before execution. Wait. Remove anxiety around the future.  

Childhood Memories

Childhood experiences influencing the present. Familiar feelings from youth. Inner-child work. 

Clear the Air

Release negative energy from your environment. Regain clarity. Clean your home. 

Codependent Issues

Negative addictive patterns of behavior. Imbalanced effort in a relationship. 

Curious About You

Inquisitive. A desire to learn more about a person. Lack of trust. 

Daddy Issues

Father/child connection in need of healing. Lack of a father in the home. Overbearing or emotionally disconnected father. 

Defense Mechanisms

Methods used to keep another out. Denial. Guarded. Self-sabotage.  

Discovery Period

Research and questioning. A period of observation. Introspection. 

Express Yourself More Clearly

Speak with honesty. Vocalize your intent. Be direct.  

Fear - Based

Making decisions from a place of worry, anxiety and uncertainty.  Lack of confidence. Decisions made impulsively. Scarcity mindset.  

Finding Balance

Practicing temperance. Even energy exchange. Give and take. Taking necessary steps to get life in order. 

Giving and Receiving

Give and take. Balancing efforts. Reap what you sow. 

Go with the Flow

Remain detached. Move through life with flexibility. 

Growth and Transformation

Evolving into a higher version of self.  Changing your life circumstances.

Healing in Progress

Repairing emotional wounds. Improving state of hurt, pain or injuries. Removal of emotional filters, judgments and prejudices.

Just for You

A path, person or item presented for another. Commitment. A favor or sacrifice made for someone.

Karmic Lessons

A deep soul lesson. Adverse conditions that come to expand an individual spiritually. Teachings that repeat from past incarnations.  

Learn Through This

Gain new knowledge through experience. Plan to make different choices in the future. Reflect. 

Long Distance Between You

A physical distance between individuals.  Emotional or spiritual distance and blockages between parties.  

Look Within

Take time to be introspective. Remove blame.  

Lopsided Effort

Unhealthy attachment.  Giving energy to a cause or person, but not receiving the same attention in return.

Minor Setback

A trivial delay.  Short term blockage. Small problem.

Mommy Issues

Mother/child connection in need of healing. Lack of a mother in the home. Overbearing or emotionally disconnected mother. 

Money Matters

Concerns around money management or creation. Too much emphasis placed on money attainment. Frivolous use of money. More self-value needed.  


Heightened self importance. Grandiose sense of self. Huge ego.  


A person, place or experience close in proximity or in manifestation.  Closeness. 


Denied. Without. Outcome not likely. 

On the Same Page

Parties seeing eye to eye.  In agreement. Compatible. 

One Week

Up to a week for a desired outcome. 

Pause and Reflect

Space away is needed. Clear the air. Think before acting. 

 Play More

Spend more time laughing.  Be lighter on yourself. Tap into childlike traits. Enjoy a hobby. 


A manipulative individual. A cheater. A pawn in an unhealthy romantic dynamic. Not taking emotions seriously.  

Practice Self-Love

Prioritize your needs above all else. Take time to nurture through self-care rituals. Masturbate.

Secrets Involved

Hidden information.  Withholding knowledge of a matter. Disrespect behind another’s back. Gossip. 

Separation Needed

End of a relationship. Take time away from a person, place or experience. Recharge. 

Sexual Compatibility

Chemistry between individuals.  Turned on sexually. Sacral Chakra excitement.  

Short Term Results

Outcome that is temporary. An impermanent fix. Results that come relatively fast. 

Social Media Connection

Contact through a social media platform or dating app.  Be open to online encounters. Use social media to advance a goal. 

Speak Up

Raise your concerns. Stand up for your beliefs. Heal shame.  


Unpredictable actions. Switch up your routine.  Add excitement to your relationship. Unexpected contact.   

Stay the Course

Continue on the same path. Alignment with purpose.  Do more of the same. 

Take a Time Out

Take deep breaths. Social media detox. Remove someone, a habit or thing from your reality for a period of time.

Talk More

There will be more consistency in communication. Have deeper, more truthful dialogue in which more information is provided. 


Impermanent.  Transitional in nature. Unstable.

Think About It

Asses the situation. Decide what you want your outcome to be.  

Trauma Involved

Deeply scarring circumstances that interfere with life circumstances. Perceiving a situation through the lense of pain or fear.

Two Weeks

Up to 2 weeks for a desired outcome. 

Unable to Give

Refusing to open up or be vulnerable. Holding back from service to others. Closed off from connecting. 

Vibrational Alignment

Choosing friends that are energetically a match.  

Vulnerability Concerns

Uncomfortable with opening up in an authentic way.  Hiding deeper feelings. Uneasy feelings around closeness. 

Watching and Waiting

A period of inaction and observation. Lurking on social media.

Will Be Texting You

Expect contact via written form.  Intent to reach out to another via text message, email or snail mail. 

Within One Month

Results or outcome occurring within 30 days. 

Within a Year

An outcome transpiring with 12 months time.


Affirm. A confirmation. Indication of a circumstance or experience taking place.

You’re Not Being Heard

Inability to communicate effectively. Someone is ignoring you.  Needs not being met.