Reconciliation Edition Card Spreads

Will we reconcile?

When we are experiencing a separation from someone we love, it can be hard to see the bigger picture. Use this spread to connect with Spirit on the lessons and probability of reconciling your relationship with someone else.

Card #1 represents the energies of the past affecting the current situation.

Card #2 represents the strongest energy currently.

Card #3 represents the most probably outcome based on the past and current energy.

What is keeping us apart?

It can be beneficial to connect with the reasons for a split in order to fully understand what you are going through. Use this spread to understand the lessons you are meant to learn during a separation from a friend, lover or family member. Work to heal those lessons to make reconciliation more likely. 

Card #1 represents insight on the current situation as it stands at the time of the reading.

Card #2 represents the blockages or challenges at the root of the separation.

Card #3 represents advice on how to heal the blockages causing the separation.

Card #4 represents the probable outcome after working through the healing and advice that comes up during your reading.

What do I need to reconcile within myself?

When we aren't feeling like ourselves, it can be hard to make decisions, trust ourselves, or maintain a high vibration as we move through our day. Use this spread to tap into advice on how to feel more like your highest self.

Card #1 represents the subconscious patterns influencing the separation from your highest self.

Card #2 represents healing advice to help you release blockages keeping you stagnant.

Card #3 represents the probable outcome once you take the steps to heal.