Spiritual Glossary A-Z

Altar: A spiritual altar is a designated space for your ritual tools.  You can include crystals, sage, incense, tarot or oracle cards, photos, pendulums, etc.  Your altar can have a specific intention such as bringing prosperity, spiritual protection, attracting love, or summoning new opportunities.  Your altar can also be a space where you gather inspirational items and keepsakes.

Angel Number: Numbers, usually in a repetitive sequence of 3 or 4, that divinely appear in order to guide you along your spiritual journey (example 222 or 1010).  They can serve as a reminder of the angelic help that you have assisting you or as a reminder to balance your thoughts and feelings. They can also serve as encouragement, affirming that you are on the right path.  In alignment with numerology, each digit has its own energetic meaning.

Astral Projecting: An out of body experience in which a person's spirit can travel to places beyond their physical being. 

Aura: An atmosphere or a luminous body surrounding a person, animal or object.

Aura cleansing: A ritual in which the energetic blockages and stagnant energy held within a person's aura are removed through meditation, reiki, smudging, spraying, bathing or other spiritual practices.

Awakening: Becoming more aware over time of the world beyond the physical.  Transcending what was once accepted as truth.  An acknowledgment of a Universal power governing beyond our five senses. 

Base Chakra (Root Chakra): It is the first energetic center, also known as the Root Chakra and the Muladhara.  Located at the base of the spine, the Base Chakra serves as our foundation.  It is represented by the color red and responsible for our survival instincts, vitality, endurance and sense of belonging.

Balance Chakras: Aligning and unblocking the seven major energetic centers that we have as humans. Removing lower vibrational energies from these energy spirals to allow for them to spin at the perfect rate, not too fast or too slow. Balancing chakras can be done via sound baths, nature walks, meditation, pendulum cleansing and other spiritual practices.

Chakras: Usually pertaining to the main 7 energetic spiral centers that we all have as humans including the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root/Base Chakra.

Clairaudient: Perceiving spiritual information by hearing what is not audible.

Claircognizance: The ability to acquire psychic information without understanding how or why they have this knowledge.

Clairsentient: Feeling psychic information through a gut sensation or empathic understanding. 

Clairvoyant: The supernatural ability to see into the future and decipher psychic information that cannot simply be understood through the five senses.

Clarity: True knowing and defined intent. A purpose that is confident and structured.  A moment of awakening.

Cleansing Bath (Spiritual Bath): A ritual cleansing experience to release low vibrational energy from the mind, body and spirit. 

Crown Chakra: Also known as Sahasrara and the seventh chakra, this energy center serves as the connection to upper realms.  This bridge to the Universe is found above the head and provides spiritual inspiration, deeper understanding and connection to one's higher self.

Déjà Vu: The experience of having previously lived through a situation actually being encountered for the first time. It can illicit an eerie feeling of familiarity without an understanding as to why or how the situation was once lived without conscious memory.

Download: Spiritual information received from Universe, Spirit Guides, Higher Self and other unseen sources.

Earthing: Walking barefoot outdoors in order to connect with the frequency of the earth to restore balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Energy Cleanse: A spiritual method in which negative or lower vibrational energy is removed from a person or aura.  Bathing, going into nature, a sound bath or reiki are ways to energy cleanse.

Energetic Body: A forcefield around a being consisting of layers and meridians.  The aura of a person.

Empath: The sensitive ability to understand or feel what another person is experiencing emotionally.  To place oneself in another's shoes and relate to their life from their perspective.

Esoteric: Obscure and only understood or intended to be understood by a small number of people with special or secret knowledge.

Frequency: A spiritual phenomenon in which our body is made of molecules, which are vibrating constantly, and creating electromagnetic energy waves.  The vibration of the frequency can be ranked from low to high depending on negative versus positive emotions being felt.

Grounding: The process of reconnecting to the Earth's vibration and the present moment in order to release access energy, negative vibration or other baggage that create disharmony between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Heart Chakra: The heart chakra is the fourth energy center, represented by the color green.  Also known as Anahata, it promotes unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. This energy is found in the middle of the chest.

In-between space: The space in between being fully awake and fully asleep.  The space where conscious and unconsciousness meet.

Intuition: An instinctive feeling, internal knowingness or spiritual awareness that exists outside of rational or logical reasoning. 

Knowing: A true and deep understanding that one's purpose is more than what meets the eye.  An intuitive awareness of information, needing no logical proof as backing.

Law of Assumption: A principle of the Universe that emphasizes that you must act as if you've already attained your ultimate desires. The clearer you can see your ideal outcome in your imagination the faster you align with the manifestation of this reality.  You must first believe it to see it. 

Law of Attraction: The Universal principle that what you focus on, you bring about.  The more you give attention to a matter whether positive or negative, you create matching circumstances in your life.

Life Purpose: A clear and defined set of goals or direction for one's life.  

Manifest: A spiritual practice in which persistent desire of something coupled with maintaining a positive frequency and confident expectancy brings about the physical perception and/or reception of it.

Meditate: The mindful practice of centering oneself in a peaceful state in order to connect with a Higher Source, God, Higher Self, or intuitive information.

Numerology: The pseudoscientific belief in a divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. 

Occult: Supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena that fall outside of the scope of religion or science.

Oracle Cards: Spiritual tools that can inspire self-reflection and emotional healing.  The cards can come in various forms with images and/or words.  They can be used to in psychic readings, manifestation rituals, and for daily affirmations.

Palo Santo: A South American tree valued for its medicinal properties and used in healing and energy cleansing rituals.

Pendulum: A weighted item hung from a string, chain or necklace so that it can swing freely backward and forward.  It can be used as a metaphysical tool to balance chakras or to provide psychic insight.

Psychic: A spiritual ability to connect with things beyond the natural five senses.  An ability to see and predict future events.

Reiki: A spiritual technique in which a healer channels energy into another by using their hands to touch or hover over them.  This method activates the natural healing processes and restores physical and emotional well-being.

Sacral Chakra: The Svadhisthana, located two inches below the belly button, is the second chakra.  It is connected to emotional well-being, feelings, pleasure and sexuality.  It is represented by the color orange.

Sage: 1) A spiritual mentor who possesses much experience and sound wisdom.  2) A plant that can be dried and burned during spiritual rituals to clear the energy of a person, place or thing.  

Scripting: A spiritual manifestation practice of writing desired goals, ambitions, themes or experiences with the intention of bringing said events to life.

Shadow self: The side of a personality that is hidden from consciousness or purposefully avoided due to shame, lack of acceptance and denial.  

Seer: Someone who can see hidden information and predict future events due to psychic abilities. 

Solar Plexus Chakra: The third chakra, represented by the color yellow is also known as Manipura.  This center is located above the belly button. It is responsible for will-power, self esteem, confidence and self worth.

Soul: One's conscience which leaves the physical body after the death.

Subconscious: The source of intuition, inspired action, creativity, innwe knowing and enlightenment.  It operates separate from the conscious mind and does not rely on logic or reasoning.

Tarot: A deck of cards, historically used as playing cards, that commonly serves as a form of divination tool consisting of 78 cards — 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.  The words and images on each card can be read using intuition.

Third Eye Chakra: Also know as Anja, is the 6th chakra.  The third eye, represented by the color indigo, is a window to higher levels of consciousness. It houses intuition and spiritual insight.  This energy center can be found on the forehead between the eyebrows.

Throat Chakra: Also known as, the 5th chakra can be found at the base of the throat. Represented by the color blue, the throat chakra is responsible for communication, self-expression and the ability to speak your personal truth.

Transmute: To change the nature, appearance or form of something, usually to a better version of what it once was.

Unconscious mind: A collection of feelings, thoughts, urges and memories outside of conscious awareness.

Vibration: The energetic frequency of a person, place or thing that attracts or dispels people, places, things, or experiences.

Vortex: Alignment with who you truly are as a spiritual being.  The energetic space in which all desires can be felt and manifested.

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