October's Theme:
New Home

Welcome to the members only page for The Knower's Journey. This month, we're focusing on sacred spaces — our home. Pouring love and intention into your home is equivalent to doing the same for yourself.

This theme can be interpreted many different ways. For example:

Manifesting your dream home.

Healing the energy in your current home.

Rediscovering your independence and sense of self.

Redefining what "home" means to you.

Editor's Choice: Books for Your Home

Editor's Choice: Books for Your Home

We've curated a list of five books that blend the art of home decor with the wisdom of spiritual wellness. These books not only inspire you to create visually stunning living spaces but also guide you to creating a home that helps you maintain mental and emotional balance. 
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Creating a Zen Home: How to Cultivate Positive Energy

Creating a Zen Home: How to Cultivate Positive Energy

Maintaining energetic balance in your home contributes to a clear and light mind, body and spirit. We’re sharing ways you can upgrade the level of zen you experience in your most sacred spaces.
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A Home Cleansing and Healing Full Moon Ritual

A Home Cleansing and Healing Full Moon Ritual

In this blog post, we'll guide you through a full moon ritual that will help you create a space filled with positive vibrations, allowing you to let go of any stagnant or negative energy that may have accumulated. Get ready to connect with lunar magic and elevate the energy in your home.
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Mark your calendar for this month's group coaching call. Come ready to ask questions and share how you are healing your home.

Psychic Readings with Christine

Your New Home Reading

Everything you need to know about manifesting your new home or raising the vibration of your current space.

Reiki with Lauren

Your New Home Cleansing

Play this Reiki session in your home to cleanse old energy and restore peace and balance.