December’s Theme:
Finding Closure

Welcome to the members only page for The Knower's Journey. This month, we're focusing on finding closure. As the year comes to an end, take time to do a self-inventory.

How was your year?

What goals did you meet?

What is important to you?

What would you like to release?

What are you carrying into the New Year?

Closure Cleanse

By now you have received 4 products in the mail — a selenite tray, palo santo sticks, matches and a crystal obelisk.

Selenite Tray
Use your tray to cleanse and charge your crystals or any other items carrying energy. Think jewelry, small personal items OR write a list of what you’d like to let go and leave it on your tray for as long as you feel.

Palo Santo & Matches
Once energy is cleansed, intentions need to be set to fill the space created. Palo Santo is used to invite positive energy in. Use your Palo Santo as you cleanse the year behind you and get ready for new goals.

Snowflake Obsidian Crystal Obelisk
Perfect for shadow work and seeing the truth of ourselves, snowflake obsidian will fit into your year-end self work seamlessly. Keep it on your altar, hold it during meditation, or place it on top of your shadow work journal to bring clarity.

8 Ways Forgiveness Brings Closure

8 Ways Forgiveness Brings Closure

In our lives, forgiveness stands out as a significant element that has the power to mend broken pieces, provide solace and lead to closure. Let’s explore 8 ways embracing forgiveness can help you heal your heart and find inner peace.  
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Finding Closure: A Year-End Ritual

Finding Closure: A Year-End Ritual

This ritual is designed to guide you through a process of finding closure, letting go of what no longer serves you, and embracing the transformative energy of new beginnings.
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Digital Detox: Finding Closure in the Age of Social Media

Digital Detox: Finding Closure in the Age of Social Media

In this blog post, we explore the concept of closure in the digital realm and offer practical strategies for a digital detox to aid in the quest for emotional healing.

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Digital Card Pull

Sample six of our decks below with a 3-card pull. Use your intuition to select a deck, then take a moment to bring your question to mind. When you are ready, select 3-cards to reveal your messages.

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