My Purpose Edition

Scroll through the card names in alphabetical order to find alternative meanings.
Activate your inner activist
Stand for a cause. Create a change. Change the paradigm or status quo.
Analytical field
Use your gifts of problem solving, analyzing information, and critical thinking. Your mind has an appreciation for details and mystery solving. Try a technical or scientific field.
Apply for something new
It is time to apply for a new job, home, loan, grant or other opportunity. Throw your hat in the ring for something different. Stretch your limitations.
Ask for your value
Ask for more money, visibility or creative input. Let it be known what you feel you deserve. Time for a raise.
Be moldable, be flexible
Become teachable. Do not resist change. Allow someone to help you grow.
Be of service to others
Put the needs of others before your own. Give back to your community. Support those in need.
Be open minded
Think outside of the box. The status quo no longer serves you. See beyond the obvious answers. Allow others a chance despite their appearance.
Be original
Stay in your lane with pride. Have the courage to share your perspective. Be unique.
Become self published
Take time to put your works into production. Share your written word or art with others.
Build a team
Gather like-minded individuals. Find support and help. Surround yourself with encouraging people.
Build better systems for your day
Organize a strategic flow for your day. Set a clear agenda for your time. Rearrange how you typically do things.
Build in your imagination first
Pause and see through your mind’s eye. Before putting a plan into action, create the outcome you seek in your imagination. Think bigger.
Build something new
Invent a new concept, experience or product. Create your new reality. Take time to give the world something only you can provide.
Career change
It is time for a shift in your career. A new job, a new role within your organization or a different path for work all together. It is time to be open to the unknown and leave your comfort zone.
Clarify your priorities
Define what really needs your attention and release the rest. Make a list of what you need to accomplish and rank in order of importance.
Confidence is needed
Walk with your head high. Heal the low self-esteem you carry. Fake it until you make it. Abundance will flow when you feel you are worthy of it.
Create a clear plan
Write out a map for your success. Draw a blueprint of your goals. Communicate a clear order and idea for how your goals will be met.
Creative field
It is time to enter a field that allows you to express your creativity. Escape a rigid job. Begin a career that is non-traditional.
Describe me in 5 words
Take time to list five words that describe you best.
Draw your blueprint
Write out a map for your success. Sketch what your victory looks like. Make clear your destination before starting.
Entrepreneur mind
Working for yourself is in the cards for you. Become more boss-like. Think beyond the worker-bee mindset.
________ excites me!
Declare what excites you.
Face your fears
Stand up to the things that make you afraid. Practice more courage. Stretch beyond your comfort zone.
Failure is just research
Do not condemn a loss. Failure is an opportunity for growth. Having things go differently than expected provides new and valuable perspectives. Appreciate the contrast.
Find a mentor or support
Ask for someone to help you along your journey. Stop trying to do things alone. Have an accountability partner.
Focus on family first
Prioritize your family. It is time for an addition to or change within a family. Motherhood, fatherhood or being a guardian is calling you.
Focus on Health and wellness
Improve your self-care practices. Choose a career in the health-care, fitness or wellness fields. Help heal other peoples’ bodies.
Gather more info
Do your own research. Collect more knowledge before moving forward.
Give gratitude for what is
Focus on what is going well in your life. List the blessings in your life. Practice a routine of expressing gratitude.
Grow your network
Expand the people you know. Connect with new people. Go to a networking event.
Heal self doubt
Step into more confidence. Self-doubt is delaying life improvements. Meditate for clarity.
Heal your base chakra
Stand strong and grounded in who you are. Understand you are secure and provided for. Meditate and see the color red shining from the base of your tailbone. Feel your roots grow into the earth.
Heal your crown chakra
Meditate and focus on the color violet illuminating at the crown of your head. Allow for Spirit to share messages through your crown. Be open to something greater than yourself / ego.
Heal your heart chakra
Open up to compassion. Connect closer and deeper with others. Meditate and see the color green emanating from your chest. Allow this light to shine bright, warm and freely.
Heal your sacral chakra
Forgive yourself and others. Play in your sensuality and passion. Meditate and embrace the color orange glistening from right below your navel.
Heal your solar plexus
Stand as a warrior. Share your confidence with others. Hold yourself accountable. Meditate and imagine the color yellow glowing from your stomach. Breathe deeply and allow this light to grow.
Heal your third eye
See beyond what currently is. All is not as it appears. Meditate and visualize the color indigo at the space between your eyebrows. Trust your inner voice.
Heal your throat chakra
Speak your truth without filter. Create authentically. Meditate and imagine the color blue illuminating from your throat. Remove shyness and fear.
Ignore criticism and judgments
People may have opinions, but it does not mean you need to adopt them. Block out the harsh noise of the world.
Imagine your perfect life
Hold in your mind’s eye your vision of your ideal life. Create a vision board. Script about your life as if you had all you desire.
Increase your worthiness
Step into your power. Take time to honor how valuable you are. Practice mirror work.
Invest in your vision
Spend money to make your goals a reality. Go to school or take a course to prepare you for the future. Improve your life so you can align with your dreams.
It’s time to be still
Take time to disconnect. Refrain from moving so fast. Busy does not always mean productive. Search for answers within.
Join a new club or group
It is time to be around new people. Find your tribe of like-minded individuals. Create a sense of community among supportive people.
Leading others
Take charge. It is time to be in the limelight. Instead of waiting for another to dictate the path ahead, step up to the front of the line.
Learn a new language
It is time to study a new way of communication. Take a course on a new language. The way you have expressed yourself in the past limits you going forward.
Learn a new practice
Try another field of study. Learn a new skill or hobby. Your imagination and creativity will be sparked the more you try something new.
Learn or teach body awareness
You are a bodyworker. You understand and appreciate how the body heals, moves, expresses and exists. Do something active.
Leave toxic environments
Exit unhealthy situations or circumstances. End a draining, imbalanced relationship. Set boundaries with others.
Live in your truth
Express authentic ideas and beliefs daily. Align yourself with
Make a new discovery
Explore with excitement. There is more for you to seek out about an experience or topic. Ask more questions. Something is hidden and it is your job to unveil it.
Manage money wisely
Budget your money. Ask an advisor for financial help. It is time to invest.
Meditate consistently
Take time for peace. Go within. Sit with Spirit. Meditate on a continuous basis.
Monetize your passion
Find a way to turn your excitement into an income stream. Look into resources and platforms that you can share your service or products on to create income. Ask others to pay you your worth.
Musical roots
Invite harmony into your daily routine. Try a profession in the music industry. Invite music into your healing or meditation rituals.
Nature is calling you
Get outside and get fresh air. Ground yourself outdoors. Take up a career that allows you to be outdoors. You are an environmentalist.
New career is coming
The job change you seek is calling you. A change within your career is coming. Choose a new direction for your work endeavors.
Organize your mental & physical space
Declutter your environment. Try to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts or noise. Release the excess from your reality.
Plan an event
Host an event to bring people together. You are an event planner. It is time to lead a movement.
Plants or animal care
Nurture plants or animals as a mindfulness activity. A career caring for plants or animals is calling you. You have a natural instinct about what this world needs.
Practice affirmations
Declare optimistic, affirming statements to enhance your subconscious beliefs. Improve worthiness and self-esteem with positive phrases.
Promotion, raise or recognition
A raise or reward is soon approaching. It is time that you received more for your talents and gifts. Ask for the value that you hold. Expect to be honored.
Put your producer hat on
Time to produce your own piece of art, movie, or music. Think like a creator. Put your time, money or energy behind building something new.
Quit complaining
Refrain from noticing the negative qualities about a person, experience or circumstance. Mentally whining about a matter will manifest more of the same.
Quit what drains you
Walk away from the energy depleting people, places or things. Set healthy boundaries. Break off connections that are lopsided.
Record your ideas
Write, video or audio record your thoughts. Keep track of your contributions to a project. Track your progress.
Release old stories
Forgive your past. Let go of old perceptions and outdated beliefs of yourself. Heal grudges.
Remove the pressure
Stop being hard on yourself. Quiet the negative self talk. Release expectations.
Sacrifice what’s not serving you
Release what no longer fits your vision. Let go of the baggage. Step away from people attempting to hold you back.
Set 3 BIG goals
Write down 3 major goals for yourself.
Set 3 goals for your day
List three main tasks for the day. Focus on finishing 3 important matters.
Share your creative vision
Explain your perspective to others. Make others aware of your unique voice. Do not feel you have to limit yourself.
Stand for a charitable cause
Find a cause greater than yourself. Practice giving back Start or join a non-profit.
Step back, new perspective needed
Take time to see things through a different lens. Think about a new approach before charging ahead. Sleep to recharge your mind.
Stop being a perfectionist
Refrain from needing everything or everyone to be a specific way --it limits great possibilities. Release control. Too much focus on minute details can delay your progress.
Stop waiting for approval
Do what you desire without validation from others. Be rebellious. Stop trying to fit in a box.
Take a course
Get back into learning mode. Go back to school. Study something that will enhance your path ahead.
Take inspired action
When Spirit speaks, listen. If you have an exciting thought, trust it. Listen to the inner voice.
Take the leap, then trust
Take action and know that you are provided for and looked after. Trust your inner being knows what is best for you. Take the risk and have confidence.
Teaching others
You are amazing at relaying information to others in a way they understand. Nourish the minds of others. Allow them to gain insight from you.
They will buy what you sell
Sell a product or service of your own. Pitch an idea or vision to others. Create a scalable business model. You have a convincing way with others.
Those in need, need you
Help others. Small acts of service go a long way. Volunteer for a cause, at a school, or at a shelter. Others look to you for guidance or knowledge.
Time to travel
Change of scenery is needed. Get out of your comfort zone. Go see the world.
Trust the signs & feelings
Look at the repeating themes in your life. Notice synchronicities. Pay attention to your gut feelings.
Unconventional career path
Create a new career path. You are not made for a traditional career path. You are an innovator.
What brings me joy?
Take time to reflect on what truly matters to you. What makes you smile? What fulfills you? Bring these thoughts to the forefront of your mind and write them out.
Work with your hands
It is time to use your hands to build something new. Get down and dirty with the creation of a project. Do something more active and hands on.
You’re here to heal others
You are a natural born healer. A career in healthcare, non-traditional medicine, energy work or other healing modalities is calling you. Your story can create change.
You’re made for the stage
You are a natural star. Perform for others or speak in front of a crowd. Time to really be seen.