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Hi! We are Christine and Lauren, owners and co-founders of, an online spiritual wellness shop based in Woodland Hills, California. We are mompreneurs set out to make a big impact on the world!

Our mission here at Pretty Spirits is to offer products and services that enhance self-awareness and help our customers better manage anxiety, stress and depression.

For the last 7 years, we have been carrying out this mission alone. Now, we need your help.

Our Story

We became small business owners to create a safe space for the millions of people seeking the knowledge and tools to align with higher self-worth, greater fulfillment and inner peace. We began in 2015 by offering services — psychic readings and reiki healing — to help our clients release themselves from years of anxiety, fear and depression. As our client base grew, so did our dream of having our own brick and mortar retail location.

In 2018, we developed our first oracle deck as a tool of self-discovery. Having a spiritual counselor is an incredible advantage; however, we feel it is far more valuable to teach others how to confront and process their own personal truths. Our collection of 12 oracle decks provide simple words and imagery to help our clients understand the challenges they face. As our oracle cards gained popularity, the demand for our decks to be sold in stores increased.

In 2020, we began expanding our product line to include more spiritual and wellness products. We source crystals, sage, incense and more to help our customer merge personal growth with daily self care. We create digital guides and trackers to aide in the development of healthier habits to support the self-work we promote. In 2022, we began creating small batch candles, aura sprays and bath products to align with the self-soothing rituals we teach.

As of 2023, we have sold our products in 35 countries and partnered with over 25 retailers. We are now opening our first physical location for our loyal customers — and new ones alike — to shop our mindfully curated products and experience our impactful services.

To ensure the success of this next milestone, we need your help. We are crowdfunding to help cover costs associated with opening and maintaining our storefront. Donations from caring people like you help a Black, female, mommy owned business with a heartfelt mission to make the world a better place.

Our Financial Journey

Over the last 7 years, we've used our savings and the majority of profits from sales to fund our business. It was a stressful journey, so we decided to apply for as many grants as possible.

Some of the grants we have previously applied for include the Small Business Growth Fund, Beyond Yoga's For Women By Women Grant, The Accelerate(Her) Fund, The BOSS Network and Sage's Invest in Progress Grant, and many more. Due to the competitive nature of grant opportunities, we have been unsuccessful in securing funds to date.

In 2021 and 2022, we pivoted our financial requests and applied for PayPal Working Capital loans. We also were able to secure a business credit card with a modest limit, but this is still not enough to keep up with the demand for our inventory.

Our $50,000 Goal

Our campaign goal amount is $50,000. This amount covers our rent and inventory storage for one year, store furnishings, our POS system, signage, marketing, inventory and makers materials. Every dollar counts! We are grateful for any amount you can give towards meeting our goal. Your donation allows us to continue to provide wellness products, resources and services to those who suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and other emotional and mental struggles. You would be helping us in our mission to provide peace of mind to so many. Take a look at the chart below for how we will allocate the funds we receive.

Our Location

Located in Calabasas, CA, Bungalow 21 is a first of its kind, family owned, business and wellness center. Within its walls are suites available for rent by local small-business owners. When Christine met the family behind this beautiful space, she immediately knew that Pretty Spirits would thrive there. Sharing similar values of the importance of self-care, shopping local and providing top-tier customer service, our business goals aligned. Beginning March 4th, Pretty Spirits will be hosting a pop-up shop at Bungalow 21 until March 25th. On April 16th, we will begin our permanent residency at the location in a modest suite that we instantly fell in love with. It is our dream come true to have a physical retail space to showcase our mindfully curated products and provide our healing services.

Customer Testimonials

Love this shop. The customer service is crazy fast and all about fixing any concerns. You can tell how much they care that you are happy with the products and their customer service reflects this beautifully. Favorited ❤️.
Soo - Soulmate Edition Oracle Cards
I was so excited to order this deck. As a mother to an energetic 3 year old, I was feeling the need to find some support to build my patience. I’ve only received them a couple of days ago (shipping was very fast btw) and I feel they give me that extra nudge to remember the flow, to be present, and to be patient. I would definitely recommend this deck to all parents.
Lupe - A Parent's Love Oracle Deck
As soon as my reiki session with Lauren started, I felt an emotional release. It was an incredible experience. Afterward, she was able to tell me how to work through blockages she felt. She was completely accurate in where I hold my stress and anxiety. I can't wait to try her suggestions and come back in a couple of weeks.
Rachel - Reiki Session w/Lauren
Beautiful stone, powerful energy, everything that I was seeking and more!!! I HIGHLY recommend this shop, and the seller appears to be highly knowledgable.
Gail - Angelite Pendulum
Beautiful deck!!! This will be very helpful in my work, thank you!
Sabrina - Reconciliation Edition Oracle Cards
Great experience with the seller; shipping and packing were exemplary; wonderful people to work with; and the pendulum was perfect! Many thanks!
Mats - Red Carnelian Pendulum
The best deck ever!! Arrived super early, even being a pre-sale item. I absolutely love it! So happy with my purchase!
Cydney - The Truth Deck 1st Edition Oracle Cards
Beautiful deck with so many messages! Easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. One of my favorites! I recommend this business 100%.
Caitie - Truth Deck 1st Edition Oracle Cards
Awesome deck! I will buy another deck. Shuffling is smooth. They seem to glide through my hands. Great job ladies.
Sharon Flowers - The Truth Deck 1st Edition
Exactly what I needed for my new pendulum. I will definitely be ordering more items from this shop.
Keyana - Digital Pendulum Chart
Christine is so wonderful and helpful. I love her informative yet compassionate energy. She's honest and upfront but you can tell she cares about what's in your best interest. She doesn't tell you just what you want to hear.
Theresa - Psychic Reading w/Christine
I love Christine, she is my go to. Very consistent and yes things she’s predicted before have come to pass and she has described people as they are to me. I am always grateful for her.
Qedusi - Psychic Reading w/Christine


We are so grateful for your donation. Please share our campaign with anyone you feel will support our mission.