Editor's Choice: Books for Your Home

Editor's Choice: Books for Your Home

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We've curated a list of five books that blend the art of home decor with the wisdom of spiritual wellness. These books not only inspire you to create visually stunning living spaces but also guide you to creating a home that helps you maintain mental and emotional balance. As you transform your home, you’ll understand the deep effects your surroundings have on your inner peace. 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing 


"The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" by Marie Kondo is a transformative guide to decluttering and organizing your living space, based on the Japanese principle of finding joy in simplicity. At its core, Kondo's approach emphasizes the importance of keeping only those possessions that truly spark joy in your life and letting go of everything else. Her method, known as the KonMari method, is a holistic approach to tidying that encompasses every aspect of your home, from clothing and books to sentimental items.

Kondo begins by urging readers to visualize their ideal lifestyle, helping them to set a clear and motivating goal for decluttering. She then guides readers through a specific order of categories, advising them to touch each item and ask whether it brings them joy. If an item doesn't elicit joy, Kondo encourages letting it go with gratitude for its service. This process not only declutters your home but also has a profound impact on your mindset, as it encourages mindfulness and a deeper connection to your belongings.

Throughout the book, Kondo shares practical tips for folding, storing, and organizing items, ensuring that your newly simplified space remains clutter-free. Her message extends beyond the physical realm, as she believes that decluttering can lead to personal growth and a clearer sense of purpose. "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" is a book that empowers readers to create a more joyful, harmonious, and intentional life by simplifying their living spaces.

Minimalista: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Better Home, Wardrobe, and Life 


In Shira Gill's insightful book, "Minimalista," readers are taken on a journey toward a simpler, more intentional way of living. With a focus on decluttering, organizing, and embracing minimalism, Gill provides a step-by-step guide to help individuals create a better home, wardrobe, and ultimately, a more fulfilling life. Drawing on her extensive experience as a professional organizer, she offers practical advice and inspiring anecdotes that empower readers to let go of excess and prioritize what truly matters.

Gill begins by addressing the clutter that often accumulates in our homes and minds, emphasizing the importance of curating our surroundings to reduce stress and increase productivity. She guides readers through the process of decluttering each room, offering strategies for identifying what to keep, what to donate, and what to let go of. Through her minimalist approach, Gill encourages readers to foster a sense of calm and clarity within their living spaces.

The book extends beyond just physical clutter, delving into the world of wardrobe minimalism. Gill helps readers rethink their approach to clothing, advocating for a smaller, curated wardrobe that reflects personal style and simplifies daily choices. Throughout "Minimalista," Shira Gill not only teaches practical skills for decluttering but also encourages readers to embrace the broader benefits of minimalism, such as increased mindfulness, reduced consumption, and a greater focus on meaningful experiences. This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to create a more intentional and fulfilling life by simplifying their environment and embracing the essence of minimalism.

Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul 


"Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul" by Najwa Zebian is a heartfelt and empowering book that offers readers a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth. In this book, Zebian, a renowned poet and motivational speaker, invites readers to embark on a soul-searching expedition to create a true and lasting home within themselves.

The book explores the idea that our inner selves are akin to a house that requires constant nurturing, care, and love. Zebian encourages readers to delve deep into their emotions, past experiences, and dreams, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and healing emotional wounds to build a solid foundation for their inner homes. She guides readers through a transformative process of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and embracing vulnerability, ultimately leading to a sense of belonging and empowerment within one's own soul.

Zebian's writing is both poetic and practical, making complex emotional concepts accessible to all readers. "Welcome Home" serves as a guide to understanding and embracing one's authentic self, ultimately helping individuals create a nurturing and loving home within their souls. This book is a source of inspiration and empowerment, reminding us that true fulfillment and happiness begin from within, and that building a home for the soul is a lifelong journey worth embarking upon.

OM for the hOMe: A Holistic Approach to Interior Design for Your Overall Wellbeing, Body, Mind and Spirit 


"OM for the hOMe: A Holistic Approach to Interior Design for Your Overall Wellbeing, Body, Mind, and Spirit" by Carrie Leskowitz is a mindful guide that redefines the way we think about interior design. Leskowitz's book delves into the profound connection between our physical living spaces and our overall well-being. She artfully combines her expertise in interior design with a deep understanding of holistic wellness, offering readers a holistic approach to creating spaces that nurture not only the body and mind but also the spirit.

In the book, Leskowitz explores the principles of Feng Shui, mindfulness, and energy flow to help readers understand how their living environments can influence their daily lives. She provides practical tips and insights on decluttering, color choices, furniture arrangement, and the incorporation of natural elements, all aimed at promoting harmony and balance within the home. Leskowitz emphasizes that by aligning our physical spaces with our inner selves, we can enhance our overall well-being and create a sanctuary that supports our personal growth and spiritual journey.

"OM for the hOMe" is not just a guide to creating beautiful interiors; it's a guide to crafting spaces that resonate with our deepest selves. Leskowitz encourages readers to approach interior design as a form of self-care and self-expression. Her book empowers individuals to take a mindful and intentional approach to their living spaces, resulting in homes that not only look stunning but also foster inner peace, creativity, and a profound sense of connection to the universe. Whether you're a seasoned interior designer or someone looking to revitalize their living space, Carrie Leskowitz's book offers valuable insights into how our homes can become vehicles for holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space 


"The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space" by Laura Benko delves into the ancient art of Feng Shui, exploring how it can profoundly impact not only the physical space we inhabit but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Benko skillfully combines her expertise in interior design and Feng Shui principles to offer readers a comprehensive roadmap to creating homes that nurture and uplift every aspect of their lives.

In the first part of the book, Benko introduces readers to the core principles of Feng Shui, demystifying this ancient practice and explaining how it can be applied to modern living. She highlights the importance of the home as a reflection of one's inner self and demonstrates how the arrangement of furniture, color choices, and even clutter management can have a profound impact on our mental and emotional states. Through real-life examples and practical tips, she guides readers in understanding and implementing these principles in their own homes.

The book's second part delves into the concept of holistic living and explores how Feng Shui can be used as a tool for enhancing mind-body-spirit alignment. Benko discusses the significance of incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and healthy living practices into our daily routines and shows how these practices, when combined with Feng Shui adjustments, can lead to a more balanced and harmonious life. Overall, "The Holistic Home" is a captivating exploration of the intricate connections between our outer and inner worlds, offering readers a holistic approach to creating spaces that foster well-being, happiness, and spiritual growth. Laura Benko's wisdom and practical insights make this book an invaluable resource for those seeking to transform their homes into sanctuaries of positive energy and personal growth.

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