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How I Stay Zen AF

How I Stay Zen AF

Quiet, peaceful mornings are sacred and essential now.  I get reacquainted with my mind, let her wake up in her own way, and gather my own thoughts. These moments are crucial for setting my boundaries and my energy so that when the world hits me I’m stable enough to take it on.

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8 Books to Help Money Manifestation

8 Books to Help Money Manifestation

Looking to grow your funds? These books have an amazing way of incorporating spiritual knowledge with practical application.  Grab yourself a cozy nook and your favorite tasty tea. These reads will surely be the perfect addition to your scheduled self-love time.

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Manifest with Candle Magic in 5 Steps

Manifest with Candle Magic in 5 Steps

Have you ever wondered why we make a wish before blowing out our birthday candles? Well what many have forgotten or possibly not known, is that Candle Magic is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of manifestation work. 
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Pretty Spirits What's in My Yoga Bag - Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

What's in My Yoga Bag

A few months ago, I was that girl rushing last minute to grab my yoga mat and run out the door for class, undoubtedly forgetting something else important. I was feeling like a fool in my heated class with no towel to absorb the sweat — and I sweat in advanced heated yoga, mmkay? 

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Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told

Hi guys, I'm Helene Clabecq, a Blogger & investigative Journalist. When I first heard about Truth Intuitions, I thought it would be fun to give it a shot. I never had a distant reading before and had no idea what to expect...

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You’re Sure to Do Impossible Things

You’re Sure to Do Impossible Things

Do you remember how expanded your imagination was as a child? Your logical minded rarely chimed in to stop you from daydreaming. You didn’t stop yourself by reminding yourself that something was impossible… until you were reminded by parents, teachers, or friends that you were being “unrealistic”.

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12 Crystals You Should Own

12 Crystals You Should Own

Crystal healing is an ancient technique that serves as an alternative to traditional medicine. This practice uses crystals and gems to ease the body back into spiritual alignment and higher vibration. The benefits of this balance include the ability to manifest with decreased lag time, higher energy and optimism, better emotional control and improved health. With so many options to choose from, the stone selection process can seem intimidating to beginners. The twelve crystals below are great additions to any collection. They address common emotional, social and physical ailments and are an affordable way to manage anxieties around love, finances, and self-care.


#1 Black Tourmaline

Known as the stone of protection, Black Tourmaline aids in the release of self doubt and anxiety. It is also known to enhance positivity and energy levels in those who wear or carry it daily. If you find it challenging to meditate or to practice mindfulness, this stone can help ground you in the present moment. It also helps clear your etheric body during sleep if placed under your mattress or pillow. Black Tourmaline can boost the immune system by protecting you from lower vibrational energies.


#2 Agate

Agate equally tempers your masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies. Harmonizing these opposing halves within us is critical in preventing the attraction of codependent relationships. The act of giving and receiving must be exchanged evenly within our interpersonal connections to sustain fulfillment. Agate encourages this balance. It also serves as a calming stone, helps to improve concentration and strengthens intellect and creativity. It promotes the energy of self-acceptance, courage and truth.


#3 Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz enhances appreciation of self and others. If you have experienced unrequited love or have been betrayed in a relationship of any kind, this is an excellent crystal to carry with you. Rose Quartz opens your heart chakra to compassion and a caring outlook when approaching adverse conditions in love. It also allows you to communicate patiently and openly. When heading home for the holidays or planning a wedding, carrying Rose Quartz can help ease the stress that can accompany these circumstances.


#4 Citrine

Citrine is an excellent crystal for drawing in willpower and self-esteem. It is a stone of prosperity and success in business and personal endeavors. Citrine identifies with the solar plexus chakra. It eliminates fears of being judged and rids the feeling of unworthiness. This stone is one of abundance and is popular for its ability to give confidence to its wearer.


#5 Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the stone of serenity, helping to soothe fears and provide safety when traveling on water. It also acts as a cleansing stone, helping remove throat chakra blockages along with clearing symptoms caused by seasonal allergies or sore throat. Aquamarine gives the immune system a boost. It promotes mental clarity, emotional peace and self protection.


#6 Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye assists grounds the energy in those who carry this stone, making them feel more aware and centered.  It is a stone of grace, integrity, practicality and authority. It releases toxins, alleviates pain and works to balance the solar plexus and sacral chakras. This is an excellent addition for those in management or leadership fields. It is also a great choice for teachers, therapists and doctors, as working with those in need can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining over time.


#7 Amethyst

Amethyst is an ideal crystal for those working in the spiritual field. It aids in psychic protection and enhances intuitive abilities. It helps open the third eye and assists with emotional balance. Amethyst is also known for its ability to help with sobriety and compulsive destructive behaviors. It can help to bring resolution to legal problems and money concerns as well.


#8 Peacock’s Ore

Peacock’s Ore helps to balance all chakras along with aligning thoughts and emotions in a soothing fashion. A third eye stone, it helps heal perceptions of lack and scarcity and increases self-awareness. Peacock’s Ore grounds excess energy and dissolves energy blockages throughout all centers.


#9 Turquoise

Turquoise aids in open communication and spiritual attunement. This stone is helpful for balancing the throat and third eye chakras. It helps when channeling messages from Spirit, Higher Self or guides. Turquoise helps one tap into inner wisdom from a balanced and non-judgmental space. It also protects from pollutants in the atmosphere and soothes cramps and other bodily pains.


#10 Amber

Amber is ideal for soothing and balancing the throat chakra. It promotes courage while easing phobias and anxiety. This stone promotes fertility, clears persistent coughs and helps dissolve emotional depression. Amber can be worn to assist in asserting oneself and clearing the pathway so truth can be spoken without fear.


#11 Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is an wonderful crystal for attracting abundance, love and success. Known as the stone of good luck, this is a great stone to wear daily or to have in your home or workspace. Its energy is subtle and empowering and helps one to discover their commitment to personal growth and self actualization. Green Aventurine can also aid with alleviating sinus symptoms.


#12 Pyrite

Pyrite is used to manifest financial desires. It encourages positive thinking, especially around material or business desires. Similar to Citrine in the indoctrination of willpower, Pyrite helps its user conquer bad habits like rumination. It helps boost energy levels and clears the third eye of foggy doubts, indecision and worry.

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What Is Intuition?

What Is Intuition?

Let's talk about some important ideas on intuition and how it works. Or more specifically we’ll discuss: what is intuition and how can you use intuition to optimize your life? To begin, let’s talk about some of the reasons you would want to use your intuition. It is said that the word intuition means ‘inner teacher’. I found that to be really fascinating since I feel as if my intuition is a guide for me. Thus you come to learn from it. 

There’s a synonym for defining what Intuition is as well. Intuition has been known as an ‘instinct’. Also, the instincts kind of refer to the automatic response within the body in response to various inquiries or happenings in one’s own body. It can also be said that intuition is connected to the automatic part of us or to the way the body responds, as the body is actually a part of the animal spirit cosmologically, as you may know.

In fact each being sits within the body. We are inside of the body and if something is sitting in the body and operating the body then you know that there’s a part of the body that is not solely physical! That part of us that is not physical is where our intuition is connected deeply. It’s known to work in mysterious ways like the sky above our heads does. The intuition is not who we are though. It’s a tool to access and to utilize that is completely free plus always accessible to anyone.

This is why we say ‘I Am’- because that causes us to ask, to inquire as to what duality or what type of two different natures are going on there within us? Why do we know what we know? I’m sure you can think of at least 1 skill you have now but never were taught before to your knowledge. This is one of the many ways intuition manifests. Do you recall the movie Sixth Sense? Well they certainly showed intuition themes in that movie. Intuition defined by The Webster’s Dictionary is referred to, as many people know it to be like a sixth sense. First, you have your five senses. Then you have the sense of intuition. This additional ‘sense’ is seen as the sixth sense since it is outside of the regular five sense as in: touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing. The funny thing is that we didn’t learn about this in school. At least not at the schools I’d been to besides Metaphysical University I currently attend.

Next, the Webster’s Dictionary says, “The power of perception uses intuition and it’s not one of the five senses. If you’re living on Earth, chances are that you have had experiences with intuition whether you know it or not. Everyone has it! Intuition just works in a certain way where you could miss it if you didn’t know any better. The power of intuition is so slight that it’s also known as mysterious to many. It’s silent. With intuition you will find there are some things you will know and not know why. You’re not able to completely perceive intuition either. It’s something that you have to experience for yourself. Let’s see if we can capture its essence a bit to get a greater picture of just what Intuition is?

What is intuition?

  • It’s be a hunch

  • A feeling

  • Something almost unexplainable that you feel in your stomach or your entire body

  • It’s an energy that moves in an highly intelligent way

  • It often accompanies a light fluttering feeling

  • At times the sense will feel good and sometimes it may not depending on where it’s guiding you to go

  • It’s having access to the divine intelligence that created everything and being able to tune into that invisible power

Intuition is so elusive to some that I’ve noticed when I researched what intuition is that I find people telling you what intuition is not! In truth, you will find for yourself if you haven’t already that, intuition is really a knowing that you have to personally experience for yourself. If you are looking to further develop your awareness to intuition then begin by writing down your feelings when you feel you should do one thing or another. The choice to notice the little signs, hints and prompts from the universe will expand the process of your inner knowing in just the right way for you. It’s yours so you may as well make use of it to build the life that you want.

Many people are misguided on what intuition is and may be fearful of using it. They are also afraid of other hidden, mysterious, unusual, unseen, illogical phenomena. There’s nothing to be afraid of since intuition is just as amazing as our other five senses, which we’ve all come to know and respect. No one asks how we can smell or see. They just accept the ability then use it when it’s necessary. This is the same way you can use Intuitive power for yourself each day.

Brain research has been done to show just how our brain works. As many of us know, the left side of the brain is our rational, verbal, scientific, logical, reasonable, calculating, linear part of the brain. Then you have the right side of the brain which is holistic, creative, intuitive, sensing, feeling, knowing, discovering, poetic, seeing through what’s considered concrete and unmovable. Both sides of the brain are necessary in life. Intuition and the right side of the brain functions help you to see that there are always options plus choices available to us. With the intuitive part of oneself they are able to see how they are able to break free, embrace or discover balance within life’s experiences.

In closing what people call an animal instinct is also intuition. It’s like an urge to do something, to go into a certain direction. To understand and use your intuition you would need to notice the subsidies in and around you. This requires one to take their time a bit not to be rushing ahead to get everywhere. Trust your intuition-that knowing part of you that knows when you don’t even know why you know what you suddenly come to know. It’s all right, since intuition is often described as a flash of insight that comes from out of nowhere to assist whenever you choose to pay attention to it! Hopefully this was helpful to you. I’d love to hear about how you use your intuition? Please share your comments below and I look forward to reading them. Peace and blessings.

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Manifesting With Patience

Manifesting With Patience

We’ve all been upset at someone or because of something, but have you ever been upset or frustrated at an intangible force? Well, I have! And in my case it was God. Sometimes it seems like the things that I want never come to fruition even though I’m so close! I would literally do everything by the book. Yet, I still found myself asking the questions of why, when, and who? Particularly in regards to my romantic life or lack there of. I told myself that I would more than likely end up with someone who I really didn’t like that much, someone who I didn’t have chemistry with, and I would be forced to be with them because life seemed to throw at me those who were so interested in me, but when it came to them, I just lacked full interest. And no, I do not have a commitment issue. No, I do not want to be in lust. I am not used to dysfunctional relationships. Of course, we have all had our bad relationships, but I am now a perfect, emotionally healthy and healed woman. So, what was I to do?

Yes, I’m living single and honestly loving it (at times). But that doesn’t mean I still don’t have a desire to meet someone who I have a connection with who also has a connection with me. I would be so frustrated with God because when I did meet someone who was great and kind to me and who I liked and vice versa, life’s circumstances would not allow us or that relationship to prosper. God was just not playing fair at all!

I compared all the happy Instagram couples to my current status which made things worse. I was just upset and frustrated. Upset at the way things were going in my love life. So upset and frustrated to the point where I would cry — it doesn’t take much. Why were blissfully, intimate romantic friendships and partnerships happening for everyone else but me!?

I realized one thing after asking myself that question and it helped my spirit settle. I told myself that I can’t change the minds of men and I can’t change a single thing. All I can do is be the woman I am and everyday evolve into a better version of that woman. Additionally, I cannot and will not settle for that which I do not want. No, I won’t end up with someone who I lack the necessary chemistry with.  I know in which the way my heart should be captured. I won’t end up being forced in an arranged marriage or with someone who I’m just not 100% certain about. No, I wont have a mediocre to okay relationship and mediocre to okay sex. I will have a great whole, complete and equal loving, fun, respectable relationship with the person who also feels the same about me.

Speak good things into the universe. Do not cloud your mind with worry and despair. Not only is it emotionally unhealthy but it’s false! We only end up with what we accept and BELIEVE. Think Law of Attraction here! The universe has a way of doing things just at the right time (whenever that may be!) but usually it’s unexpected. I decided that I would not settle. I would be faithful to myself and respect the time I have alone and speak into existence that which I desire and will receive! It may not be soon but it will be someday and when it does happen I will be sure and i will be happy. Words are powerful, so speak life!

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