The Benefits of Meditation and the 6 Best Crystals to Enhance Your Practice

The Benefits of Meditation and the 6 Best Crystals to Enhance Your Practice

History of Crystal Meditation and Its Benefits

For thousands of years, people all across the world have used crystals for meditation, healing, spiritual connection and ritual work. Many still believe today that crystals store energy and offer therapeutic benefits which can be tapped into through a spiritual connection. If you understand the unique spiritual properties of a crystal, you can use it to amplify, shift or transmute your energy to align with your goals in healing and manifestation.

But how do you form this connection to begin using these gifts from the earth? As human beings, we have a natural sensitivity to the energies crystals hold. However, if you wish to work more closely with this energy, meditation can help. During meditation, as your mind and body calm, your spiritual pathways open to allow energy to flow through you. By focusing your attention on the energy flowing through you, your awareness of it will grow. Soon, with frequent practice, you will be able to hold any crystal and feel how it connects with your aura. You'll know which crystals will help with balancing your heart, clearing your mind, amplifying your intuition, psychic protection, and so much more!

Finding the Perfect Meditation Crystal

It might be difficult at first to choose which gemstone to use when meditating, as each one has its own unique properties. Start by being clear on your meditation objective — are your intentions to focus, cleanse or attract? From there, choose accordingly keeping in mind the frequency of each stone. There are many resources available to begin learning about crystals you may be interested in. Search the web, stroll through the metaphysical section of any bookstore, or follow your intuition and choose the stone that speaks to you. Here's a great guide to get you started on the basics of working with crystal energy.

Recommended Crystals To Use While Meditating

Tiger Eye

By meditating with Tiger's Eye, you can connect with your personal mission. This crystal brings clarity, confidence and power of mind to help you make decisions about new projects. You can also use it as a cleansing crystal in your meditation room to help you let go money related stress.

Sodalite Obelisk Pretty Spirits


This stone is unrivaled in its ability to aid in transitioning from the physical to the spiritual realm. With it, you will be able to see things from a new perspective in any situation. With this stone's power, you can stand up for what you believe in and remain true to your values. Additionally, it has the ability to relieve stress and promote calmness and tranquility.


Selenite is the perfect stone for meditation. Its calming energy makes it ideal for solo sessions at home. Be mindful of the energy you put out when choosing a meditation space. Selenite can be used to release negative thoughts and energy, and bring in positive energy. You may feel more relaxed in your body and mind during selenite meditation.

Lapiz Luli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that helps with meditation and self-awareness. It is blue with gold highlights and is associated with the throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli can help those who are afraid to be themselves and can also strengthen your connection to the spirit realm. If you are practicing working with your natural psychic gifts, meditating with lapis lazuli is the perfect way to support your growth. 

Rose Quartz

The beautiful, warm stone of Rose Quartz exudes love. As a meditation aid, this gemstone may help you release negativity, creating space for high vibrational thoughts. Whether you seek balance in romantic love, self-love, friendships or family, meditating with rose quartz can help you attract harmony.


With its peaceful aura, amethyst is the perfect stone for meditation. It can help calm and focus your nerves during stressful times, and shield you from harmful energies. Integrating amethyst into your daily routine can help strengthen your intuition and psychic abilities. It is also known to help clear the crown and third eye chakras of spiritual congestion.

The benefits of crystals for human health and well-being have yet to be proven by modern science, but you may utilize them to improve your connection to the earth and your own intuitive talents nonetheless. Using crystals as an additional tool to help you throughout your spiritual journey is an excellent way to stay connected with your higher self.

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