The Benefits And Uses Of Tumbled Stones And Crystals

The Benefits And Uses Of Tumbled Stones And Crystals

What is a Tumbled Stone, and where do they come from?

There are numerous additional names for tumbled rocks and stones, including polished rocks, baroque gems, and a slew of others. For the most part, these stones are small and spherical pieces of high-quality rock and mineral. A rock tumbler is used to improve the angles and regions of rough rocks, which are then polished to a high shine. Tumbled stones have undergone a series of polishing operations in order to get the smoothest surface possible. 

The tumbling process has no effect on the energy or vibrational properties of the stones, so you can use them in your healing rituals all the same.

The Benefits of Tumbled Stone

Tumbled stones have the added benefit of being small and smooth, making them easy to place throughout the home or carry with you for an ongoing dose of healing energy. They are the best option if you are looking for more creative and versatile ways to incorporate crystal energy into your everyday rituals. Empaths especially can benefit from owning a vast collection of tumbled stones. As you absorb and interact with different energies throughout the day, you can turn to the stones you keep with you to regain balance, repel negativity and release tension or anxiety. As you connect with crystals more, you will begin to become more sensitive to the powerful energy that tumbled stones emit. 

Uses for Tumbled Stone

Strengthen your spiritual practice and connection by placing tumbled stones throughout your home. You can place stones in planters to help give your plant babies some extra high vibrational love. Try placing a few in a dish by the sink in your kitchen or bathroom to keep balance in those areas. Add a few pieces to your pillow case for deeper relaxation, better sleep or more vivid dream experiences. 

In addition to being utilized as home décor, tumbled stones can be used to create crystal grids for amplifying intentions and healing. You can place them around you or hold them during meditation to connect with the power they hold.

What method do you use to clean your Tumbled Stones?

Tumbled Stones can be cleaned in a variety of ways. Some stones can be cleansed with water. Simply place them under the faucet for a minute before putting them in a bowl of clean water blessed with intentions. Be sure to thoroughly dry them afterward. Another option is to place your crystal on a windowsill where it will be exposed to natural light from dusk till sunrise. In this way, they will be exposed to both the sunlight and the moonlight, which will serve to cleanse them. You can also cleanse your tumbled stones by keeping them in a selenite dish or near a selenite wand.

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