Sacral Chakra Awakening Symptoms

Sacral Chakra Awakening Symptoms

What is the Sacral Chakra?

Your sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra in the energy center system, located around your lower abdomen. It holds your creativity, manifestation power, passion and sexual energy. It is associated with the element of fire. As part of your three lower chakras, it plays a pivotal role in your physical human experience. Read on to learn the signs of your sacral being in alignment, how to identify when it needs balance, and what to do to find that balance.


What are signs your sacral is out of balance?

Consider your chakras a blueprint for your journey to greater self-awareness. As you learn about each energy center and what it governs, you will also learn how to acknowledge when you are feeling a bit off. With that information, you can start to find your center again. Below are a few signs that your sacral chakra is out of balance. 

  • Lack of creativity and imagination
  • Sexual or reproductive issues
  • Closed off emotionally
  • Feeling overwhelmed easily
  • Hip, pelvic and lower back pain
  • Urinary and kidney problems
  • Trouble expressing emotions and desires
  • Depression
  • Trouble enjoying simple pleasures in life


How to bring you sacral into balance?

Don’t fret if you resonated with more than a few signs listed above. We all experience imbalance and are challenged with learning our own needs. Try a few of the suggestions below to bring your sacral chakra back into balance. Some of these activities can be done regularly — daily or weekly — as routine maintenance. 

  • Exercise your imagination
  • Get creative by breaking your routine, exploring a new place, restaurant, or recipe, or trying a new craft
  • Seek guidance from a therapist to begin expressing your thoughts, feelings and fears
  • Create and build a meditation practice to ground yourself
  • Seek medical attention for any physical symptoms
  • Consider adding yoga to your daily routine for better physical awareness


Signs your sacral chakra is awakening?

It’s great to know when all your efforts are paying off, right? Below are a few signs that your sacral chakra is awakening and rebalancing. Give gratitude and acknowledge the ways you are feeling good, as this contributes to your greater sense of self-awareness.

  • You’re seeing your desires manifest quicker
  • You feel more inspired 
  • You’re overwhelm has decreased due to an ability to slow down to process and organize your thoughts
  • You openly express your feelings to yourself and to others
  • You experience more moments of optimism, gratitude and appreciation 
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