Physical Symptoms Of Root Chakra Opening

Physical Symptoms Of Root Chakra Opening

The root chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit) is the first and lowest energy center of the subtle body system. You can find it at the base of your spine, with its effects spreading to your legs and feet. There are many symptoms of your root chakra needing balance, from physical clumsiness to instability in different areas of your life. As the first chakra, your root is your stability, strength and foundation. Your self-awareness and ability to take accountability for your life, choices and actions heavily relies on having a balanced root chakra. 

Check out this post to learn more about the root chakra and how you can tell it needs a little work. Here, we are sharing how you can tell your root chakra is coming back into balance.

More Balanced, Less Clumsy

When your root chakra is off, you may find yourself tripping over your own feet or having more frequent accidents. It can be frustrating and easy to spiral into manifesting even more imbalance. As you begin to practice mindfulness and increase your grounding meditation practice, you will notice a difference. Grounding your energy regularly throughout the day will help you feel more in command of your body. Take a moment to slow down your thoughts so your body can make more careful and intentional movements. This will also help you feel more firmly planted in your physical world. You’ll notice the feeling of your feet touching the ground and your legs standing and walking with power and strength. 

Eating Healthier

A greater desire to take good care of your physical health is a natural side effect of a strong root chakra. If you find yourself craving clean eating recipes, vegetable and fruit juices, or other whole foods, that’s a beautiful sign! Eating in a more healthful manner tells your subconscious that you are worthy of the effort. You deserve to experience feeling light and strong. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it right every time. If you are interested in improving your diet, start by following a few inspiring social media pages. Practice a few recipes, buy healthier snacks, take it one day at a time.

Greater Body Awareness

Body awareness is a very powerful tool on our spiritual journeys. Understanding your physical responses to stress, danger or great things coming can connect you with your intuition and help you set better boundaries. When you are able to pay attention to how you react to external circumstances, you can stop a triggering event in its tracks. This will lead to you speaking up for yourself sooner and more grounded responses to upsetting or exciting situations. Greater body awareness during meditation means you may feel your body tingling or heating up in areas that energy is being released. During your yoga practice, your body awareness can help you avoid injury and experience greater relaxation. 

Strengthening your root chakra is not something you do once, but many times throughout your life. Each time will increase your awareness, giving you greater power over your own balance. Take notice of the signs mentioned above a celebrate your progress each time. You deserve it!

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