Money Mindset & Gratitude - Daily Affirmations for Wealth

Money Mindset & Gratitude - Daily Affirmations for Wealth

These affirmations have the power to help you reprogram your brain, and allow you change the way that you approach money, this way you can attract the wealth that you desire, into your life. 

Affirmations to Improve Your Money Mindset

I am so grateful for the continuous flow of prosperity in my life.

Money comes to me in unexpected ways.

I love the abundance that surrounds me. 

All of my investments grow. 

My blessings are bountiful. 

I love how easy money comes to me. 

I have infinite streams of prosperity. 

A whirlwind of great news comes to me. 


I am wealthy beyond measure. 

Riches are all around me. 

Thank you universe for the flow of money. 

I am a money magnet.   

All that I asked for, I receive.   

I expect a complete best.   

I own so many valuable things. 

Everything I desire is at my fingertips.  



Gifts and happy surprises fall into my lap.   

I experience the best life has to offer.   

Money multiplies in my reality. 

My finances are constantly improving. 

I live an abundant life. 

Many fulfilling opportunities come to me. 

All of my prayers are answered. 

What a fruitful life I live. 

My bank account is always replenished.

Sources of money are plentiful in my life. 

I have successful and profitable ideas. 

I feel accomplished. 

I have access to all that I need. 

My income is constantly increasing.

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