Candle Reading for Beginners

Candle Reading for Beginners

Did you know there are different ways to intuitively read a candle as it burns? If you light candles with specific intentions of healing or manifestation, candle reading is a valuable elevation of your practice. You can read the candle flame, wax, residue and soot at various points throughout the candle’s life. It is important to save your judgments for the end, while keeping a journal as your candle burns. Just as with any divination skill, it is easy to get started and strengthens with each attempt. In this post, we’ll focus on the flame as the easiest way to get started as a beginner candle reader.


Similar to crystals scrying, gazing into the flame of a candle can activate your third eye, bringing you visions to interpret. This may take a while to begin and some practice to perfect, but you will get the hang of it with consistency and patience. 

To get started, be sure you are in a calm and relaxed state. High levels of stress or tension can prevent you from maintaining a clear psychic connection. To do this, find an area clear of distraction and clutter. Sit in a comfortable position in front of your candle and take a few deep, intentional breaths. Inhale through your nose, feeling the air fill your belly and body. Exhale through your mouth with your lips puckered as if blowing out a flame. With each exhale, relax and feel yourself melt into calm. When you are feeling relaxed, it’s time to light your candle.

Gaze into your flame until you feel your eyes soften. You may notice your vision around the flame get blurry as you narrow your focus. As you stare, clear your mind of everything but the dancing flame in front of you. Continue to focus on your relaxing breath as you slip into your spiritual connection. At this point, you may ask a question or simply wait for visions to begin. It may start with shapes or colors that take form. You may hear full sentences or downloads of information and guidance. Take note of what comes to mind so you can journal in the moment or once your gazing session is complete.

As you practice, you’ll become more and more acquainted with spiritual symbolism. Try not to overthink it! You can look up any visuals that seem random by using a dream dictionary. There are several apps and websites dedicated to this purpose. Everything from driving a car to seeing a spider can be looked up for alternative meanings. There is no need to question or second guess your vision — just look it up and write down what resonates with you. Soon, you’ll get into a rhythm of interpreting your own visions based on what you have learned. As your understanding grows, so will your confidence in candle gazing for intuitive messages. You’ll be able to easily gaze for yourself and for others!


Besides scrying, there are other known ways of reading a candle flame. It is a good idea to keep a dated journal of how your flame changes with each burn. You may notice events that occur in your every day life that may be correlated to your candle working with the energy around and within you. This will help you connect the dots between your spell and how your world is shifting.

Here are what different flame types mean:

Spiritual Meaning of a High Candle Flame

In this case, there’s a lot of energy fueling the manifestation of your intentions. It can mean a strong force is assisting the forward movement of whatever your desire is. It can also mean there is a great need for cleansing in order for this manifestation to come through. A high flame can be an indication of chaotic energy surrounding your request. For example, if you are asking for love but have not yet healed pain and frustration associated with dating and long term relationships, you may see a high flame as forces around you attempt to cleanse you of those emotions. A high flame shows that the work is being done with little resistance, so continue to remain open to guidance and signs that things are shifting in your favor.

Spiritual Meaning of a Low Candle Flame

A low candle flame is a sign of resistance to the spell, indicating more healing work needs to be done. For example, you may be asking for a large some of money yet still carry guilt or insecurity around obtaining it. If you are unaware of your negative feelings, they can block your manifestation from coming to you. If you are open to working through and healing your beliefs around money, your candle work can help you move through these blockages. Try to do a candle ceremony specifically tailored to healing your money story first. Once that is in a better place, your ritual request more cash flow is more likely to be successful. 

Spiritual Meaning of a Crackling or Loud Flame

If your flame is particularly vocal, there is a message for you regarding your intentions. The level of the flame can indicate the overall energy of the message. Your intuition and psychic connection can help you download the messages meant for you. You can also use other spiritual tools, such as tarot or oracle cards or a pendulum to help you decipher the specifics. 

Spiritual Meaning of a Flame Extinguishing Early

This is a sign of an extremely weak spell, too much resistance, or a spell that worked quickly. If you are able to relight the candle, all is not lost. However, if you find the candle difficult to keep lit, you may need to revisit the type of spell you are doing. Use your intuition and connect with your guides to determine your next steps. You may need to change your perspective, heal something else prior to returning to this particular spell, or it may be time for you to take specific action towards finalizing the manifestation.

Spiritual Meaning of a Leaning Flame

If your flame is leaning to the front, your candle work is focused on a problem in the physical realm. A flame leaning to the back is focused on emotional, mental or spiritual work. A flame to the left is focused on healing the past, while a flame to the right is clearing the path for your future. Keep an eye on the direction of your flame and how it changes. You may want to keep track in a journal to follow the progress of your spell and healing.

There's so much more to explore when planning a candle ceremony but this is a great way to note the progress of your intentions. For the best results, our reiki-charged manifestation candles are a great base to your practice. Shop our luxury, hand-poured candles now.

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