2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Virgo

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Virgo

Tiger’s Eye

Support your favorite Virgo’s grounded nature with a Tiger’s Eye piece. This powerful stone is a great stabilizer of ideas, emotions and energy, bringing you into the present moment to problem solve and achieve goals as your best self.


Another stone to consider is Howlite to help ease the worry and frustration Virgo feels when things aren’t going the way they planned. Keeping this stone near their workspace or bedside is advised to help amplify peace and relaxation. 


With all the learning and planning a Virgo is constantly cycling through, they could use a cleansing moment with selenite at least once per day. Meditate with this incredibly cleansing stone to shake off the energy of others and bring the mind back into focus.

Something Comfy

Virgos can be adventurous travelers or stay-at-home hermits. Either way, they appreciate a cozy moment feeling as comfortable as possible. Check out our Pretty Comfy collection for some soft loungewear like one of these super soft jackets or this silky tee & jogger set.

Virgo Swag

Check out our zodiac pieces for Virgo: a super soft sweatshirt available in 5 colors and a sterling silver bar necklace with three coating options available.

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