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Woodland Stemless Champagne Flute Set

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Bring the beautiful flora of winter to your table with this set of woodland champagne glasses. Adorned with evergreen sprigs these vessels are sure to make a statement all year round.

  • Set of 2
  • Holds 8 ounces comfortably
  • Electroplated gold rim
  • By Twine®

On a blank piece of paper, write a goal, intention or self love affirmation.  Set your paper to the side. Grab your glass and fill it with filtered water. Hold it with both hands as you project thoughts of love into the water.  Place the glass down. Grab your paper and read your message aloud, focusing your energy towards your water. Set the paper on a table or countertop and place your glass of water on top of it.  Allow it to remain there overnight. In the morning, clear your energy with meditation, sage, or palo santo. Then immediately drink your glass of water.