White Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite Wand Bundle w/Lavender


This bundle is the perfect gift of cleansing and renewal. Included is a 4" sage stick, palo santo stick, selenite wand and dried lavender. 

  • One 4" sage stick
  • One palo santo stick
  • One selenite wand
  • Dried lavender

Start with the selenite wand to center your energy. Hold the wand in your hand while in a comfortable, seated position. Take a few minutes to breathe deep with intention, allowing your body to relax and release any tension. To activate your third eye, hold the tip of the wand to the space just between your eyebrows. You may feel tingling or pressure, indicating you are connecting with the stone. Next, follow your own sage burning ritual to cleanse yourself and/or the area around you. Be sure to keep the windows open and use a container below the sage to catch embers. You can add mantras or affirmations to this process for added intention over your spell. Next, use the palo santo specifically to infuse positive energy into the space you have just cleared. With your throat chakra, express the emotions, manifestations or overall energy you would like to fill the space. End your ritual with a few statements of gratitude.