White Sage Chakra Healing Gift Box


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Our White Sage Chakra Healing Kit is perfect for your intentional aura cleansing and balancing work. Each sage bundle corresponds with a specific chakra. Follow the guide below to understand how to use each piece in your kit for specific healing.

  • Base Chakra Red: grounding, home life, finances, work, physical
  • Sacral Chakra Orange: creativity, manifestation, sex, birth
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow: confidence, pride, will power
  • Heart Chakra Green: love, passion, purpose
  • Throat Chakra Blue: expression of self, emotions and truth
  • Third Eye Chakra Purple: intuition, psychic abilities
  • Crown Chakra Pink: knowingness, self-awareness, logic, study
  • 7 bundles of white sage with sinuata flowers
  • Packaged in a Pretty Spirits box for you to keep

Always burn sage in a well ventilated area using a fire proof catchall for any embers that may fall as it burns. Using the list above as a guide or your own understanding of each chakra, choose the sage bundle you wish to use for your ritual. Take three deep breaths to focus and ground your energy. Speak aloud the intentions for your smoke cleansing ritual. Light your sage and allow the flame to go out on its own — you may blow it out if necessary. As the sage smoke flows, gently guide it around your body and through your space in a clockwise direction. Repeat affirmations calling in the energy you intend to invite and releasing the energy you intend to eliminate. When you are ready, douse your sage in whatever way suits you. End your ritual with a moment of gratitude and silence, allowing any spiritual messages to flow to you.