The Knower's Journey 12 Month Program



The current enrollment period for The Knower's Journey will close on September 5, 2023. Begin your membership today to be included in this October's Journey with the theme of New Home. Read more about the October theme below.

Your monthly membership includes:

  • 3 products mailed to your home
  • 3 digital downloads emailed to you
  • Access to a members only page of informative content aligned with the topic of the month
  • Members only access to monthly group manifestation coaching video call
  • 15% off all orders, including services


Are you hoping to improve the feeling of peace in your home? Maybe you’re trying to manifest an upgrade, or the perfect living situation. As with everything, the journey to healing and manifesting a home starts within. Join us as we move through shifting how we perceive and pour energy into our sacred spaces. You have the power to create the dream home you deserve NOW. Let us show you how.


Your subscription to The Knower's Journey is a monthly membership, with a minimum commitment of 3 months. This means you will be charged for 3 consecutive months before you can cancel your subscription.

Join by September 5th to be included in the October Journey. 

By October 1st, you’ll receive:

  • 3 wellness products
  • 3 digital products
  • Members only page access
  • Group coaching session date
  • 15% off code storewide code

On the 5th of each month, you'll be charged the subscription fee for the following month. For example: On October 5th, you'll be charged for November's subscription. 

Any questions? Email us at