The Book of the Power and Energy of Quartz, Gems and Crystals: To Reach Health, Money and Love


By Nóstica Editorial 

Printed in Peru

This book is the perfect resource for learning how to use crystals in your rituals. If you are just beginning your journey into understanding the powerful energy these stones hold, you’ll find answers here. Loaded with meanings of specific stones, shapes and colors, along with uses and rituals, you won’t find a better guide to how to absorb all your stones have to offer.


“Millenia ago, human wisdom reached unsuspected limits and vanished. Then, we started from scratch, to relearn everything that was taken away from us. But all the ancestral power and knowledge did not disappear, it is still contained in the stones and crystals that lie on the ground, under the ground and at the bottom of the waters. Now we have the responsibility to learn how to extract from them all the energy, wealth and wisdom that will lead humanity into a new era of infinite prosperity.”