Palo Santo Bundle


Palo Santo, or "Holy Wood", is believed to have metaphysical and medicinal healing power when burned. Shamans and medicine people have been using Palo Santo for spiritual purification, energy cleansing and healing rituals for centuries. A wonderful tool to use during meditations and healing work, Palo Santo inspires creativity, evokes protection and infuses blessings. It is also known to bring love and good fortune. 

  • Measures approx. 4"-9" long
  • One palo santo bundle includes 3-5 sticks

Take a few deep breaths to center and connect with what needs cleansing from your surroundings or your own energy. Once you have affirmed your intentions, light the tip of your palo santo stick, blowing it out once it begins to release smoke. Be sure the windows are open to allow an exit for the negative energy. Create circular motions as you cleanse, inviting in positive energy and releasing lower vibration thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.