Matte Coral Travel Bottle
Matte Coral Travel Bottle
Matte Coral Travel Bottle
Matte Coral Travel Bottle

Matte Coral Travel Bottle

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Keep your beverage ice cold for 24+ hours or hot for 12+ hours in this gorgeous matte coral SIC 27 oz. 

  • SERIOUS TECHNOLOGY - Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated for extreme temperature retention! 24+ Hours Ice Cold & 12+ Hours Piping Hot!
  • SERIOUS WARRANTY - Lifetime warranty! Yes you read that right - if your SIC bottle ever fails to live up to it's expectations we will gladly get you another one or refund your money (does not cover cosmetic scratches or chips in powder coated finish).  
  • CARABINER LID - The 27oz SIC bottle comes standard with an integrated carabiner lid. Now you can effortlessly hook your SIC bottle to your backpack or purse.
  • SERIOUSLY STRONG - Made from kitchen grade 18/8 Stainless Steel the 27oz SIC bottle is ready for any adventure
  • SERIOUSLY SWEAT FREE - The double wall construction completely prevents any temperature transfer to the exterior wall therefore eliminating any condensation or change in temperature where you hold your hand. Your SIC bottle will always remain a comfortable temperature for you to hold but your drink inside will be either ice cold or piping hot!
  • DESIGN / SHAPE - We designed the SIC bottle to fit into most cup holders and to be large enough to hold an entire bottle of wine.
  • MULTIPLE POWDER COATED COLORS - The 27oz SIC bottles are offered in many different powder coated colors. We only use powder coating because it is the strongest and most environmentally friendly.
  • WARNING - Not safe for the dishwasher or microwave

    On a blank piece of paper, write a goal, intention or self love affirmation.  Set your paper to the side, grab your SIC bottle and fill it with filtered water or herbal tea. Hold it with both hands as you project thoughts of love into the liquid. Grab your paper and read your message aloud, focusing your energy towards your drink. As you drink from your bottle throughout the day, give gratitude towards your intentions coming true. To infuse manifestation power overnight, set the paper on a table or countertop and place your SIC bottle on top of it. Allow it to remain there overnight. In the morning, clear your energy with meditation, sage, or palo santo. Then immediately drink from your bottle.