Manifest Ritual Kit with Labradorite
Manifest Ritual Kit with Labradorite

Manifest Ritual Kit with Labradorite

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Are you ready to manifest your goals and desires? To create magic in your life? Know someone who is truly ready to manifest their desires but needs a little encouragement?

Let your vision unfold with the Moon and Jai Manifest Ritual Kit! Inside each kit is a Labradorite crystal — the crystal of manifestation. It takes on the characteristic energies of both Sun and Moon, and can be a life-changing stone. It helps bring success to its owner and dramatic changes in the quality of life. Labradorite facilitates the communication between the subconscious and conscious mind, awakens intuition, and helps expand personal transformation. 

With Moon and Jai kits you receive an elegant and complete package that contains everything you need to create an intentional and powerful manifestation ritual. 

  • Raw labradorite crystal with plenty of feldspar
  • Clear quartz point
  • Fragrant sage smudge wand
  • Aromatic Palo Santo stick
  • Raw selenite wand
  • Moon + Jai matches 
  • Ritual + Crystal qualities instructions — complete directions on magical ways to perform your ritual healing and care instructions for your crystal
  • The kit comes in a sturdy elegant black pull out drawer box. 
  • Box dimensions are 7 inches long x 5 inches wide x 2 inches tall
Crystals in this kit have been cleansed, energetically charged & moon bathed.