Full Moon Ritual Gift Box


Our Full Moon Ritual Gift Box has everything you need to reflect and release each month. Take a moment to relax into an epsom salt bath, cleanse with blue sage and set intentions with a luxury, scented candle. See the ritual below for inspiration on how to use the tools in this box together. 

  • A 17oz luxury, hand-poured scented candle topped with dried flowers and an amethyst crystal 
  • 20oz jar of epsom salt blended with essential oils that enhance your release ritual
  • A 4 inch blue sage stick to cleanse your body and home

Start with a calming lavender scented epsom salt bath to help you relax any tension you are holding. With peace restored to your body, contemplating what you wish to release from your energy will flow easier. After your bath, light your sage and journal through the emotions that came to light. Lastly, set clear intentions for your release as you light your Full Moon Ritual candle. As your candle burns over the next days and weeks, your intentions are being fulfilled.