Blue Floral Mask

Blue Floral Mask

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Protect yourself from the elements with this custom polyester face mask. Soft black straps go around your ears and provide a layer of protection between you and the environment.

Machine Washable - Face Mask is 100% polyester fabric and is safe to go through normal washer and dryer cycles. The masks are washable, reusable, and can be folded for easy carrying.

Application - Our face masks are suitable for home or outdoor cycling, running, shopping, bus, subway, etc. Perfect to wear to work in commercial and light industrial applications.

Unique - Stand out from the crowd with a unique face mask to show off your individual personality. The design will not deteriorate or fade, showing off your creativity for a lifetime.

Great Gifts - Face masks have become very popular and sometimes a necessary accessory around the world, give the gift of safety and protection to your friends and family.

Made in the USA.

Measurements (without straps)

  • Small - Width is 16.5 cm
  • Large - Width is 20 cm

Yes, you can even have a ritual for your face mask. Keep your mask clean by washing it regularly. Use sage to smoke cleanse any fear-based energy you may absorb while you are out and about. Before wearing, center and ground your energy with 3–5 deep, cleansing breaths, focusing on gratitude for the good health of yourself and others.