4 Pom Pom Woven Straw Basket Bag

4 Pom Pom Woven Straw Basket Bag

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A beautiful way to keep your home tidy, this handmade basket is a sweet addition to your space.  Each basket is decorated with four golden, bright pom-poms. These baskets are perfect for many purposes ranging from : picnics, beach bags, storage & organization, laundry baskets, toys storage, craft & yarn baskets, and many more. 

  • Diameter : 15 inches ( the middle part )
  • Height : around 11 inches
  • Wool Pom poms : 8 counts

  • Wool Pom Poms diameter : around 3 inches
  • Basket type : Single Woven, recycled paper
  • Material : Seagrass

  • Designed to be unstructured
  • Please note the sizes are rough guide only, each baskets are handmade and the size can be slightly different.

Cleanse your empty basket with sage, palo santo or by visualizing cleansing white light covering it completely. Whether you are storing books, toys or blankets, it is important to touch each item with love and gratitude as you place it in your basket for storage. Once your basket is full, you can cover your items in protection with a simple prayer or more visualization. Give gratitude for a special place to store the things you love and the organization that keeps your space and mind free of clutter.