White Sage Stick w/Blue Sinuata Flowers


The burning of white sage is an ancient ritual known as smudging. It can be used to cleanse negative energy lingering in your home or office, or to cleanse your own spiritual body. White Sage with Blue Sinuata Flower Healing Bundle allows you to use the healing power of natural sage for the ultimate releasing and grounding experience. Clear your mind, ground your energy and set intentions mentally prior to beginning the ritual.

  • Pure white sage bundles grown and harvested in California
  • Each Smudge Bundle measures approx 3-4 inches long
  • Hand-tied and stored in controlled air condition environment to ensure it is super fresh when it reaches you
  • Dried Blue Sinuata Flower is tied onto sage for additional healing energy
  • One Sage Included


Spend 10—15 minutes in meditation to clear the mind for intention setting. Before you begin, open the windows and doors to provide the negative energy an escape route. Light the sage smudging stick and let it burn until it begins to release smoke. Once the cleansing smoke arrives, keep your intentions in mind and with the stick in your hand, make your way through each room, rotating clockwise as you move through the room. You can keep in mind specific positive affirmations to clear negative energy and invite healing or protective energy in its place. When you've cleansed every room, leave your sage to burn out on its own or safely put it out in sand or water.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.