Red Carnelian Pendulum


Our Red Carnelian pendulums help restore vitality and motivation as you connect to direct answers. Red Carnelian holds the energy of boosting courage and enhancing creativity. It is a very grounding stone for the base chakra.

Hold your pendulum chain steady and ask yes or no questions, or hover over specific chakras to balance spiritual energy. 

  • 1 reiki charged Red Carnelian pendulum on a chain
  • Energy healing properties: courage, creativity, vitality

Cleanse your pendulum with direct moon light, selenite, your own energy and intentions or sage smoke. The first time you use your pendulum, establish a relationship with it by holding it by the chain in your dominant hand and asking how it expresses different answers. Start with an introduction and ask "how do you say yes?" Follow up with how it says no, maybe, not yet, and so on. Be sure to cleanse your pendulum often. 


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