Love Ritual Kit


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Invite love into your life with our Love Ritual Kit. Use everything in your kit at once, or intuitively choose one or a few at a time each time you focus on your love ritual. This curation of spiritual tools is perfect for intentions of attracting romantic love, more genuine relationships of any kind, or a deeper self love experience. 

  • Grounding Aura Spray
  • Grounding Soap
  • Rose Quartz Face Roller
  • Selenite Wand
  • White Sage Stick w/Sinuata Flowers
  • Palo Santo Bundle (5 Sticks)
  • Tea Light Candle
  • Ritual Card

Start with 3 deep breaths to center yourself before starting your cleansing ritual. Use the Grounding Aura Spray as you breathe deep and reconnect with the present moment. As you bathe, allow the Grounding Soap to bring you into a state of mindful self care. Repeat affirmations of attracting love in the mirror as you use your Rose Quartz Face Roller. Burn your sage stick and allow the smoke to wash over you or your space for a spiritual cleansing, releasing anything holding you back from experiencing the love you seek. Burn your palo santo to invite the fresh energy of your love manifestation. Your selenite wand is perfect for clearing your crown and third eye for clearer spiritual messages regarding aligning with deeper love. Be sure to set intentions before lighting your tea light candle; once it has burned completely, consider your requests released to be fulfilled in perfect timing.