The Gift of Presence by Caroline Welch


The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women by Caroline Welch

Overwhelmed by the demands of family, work, and multiple responsibilities, many women find themselves feeling scattered, and distracted. In this eye-opening book, co-founder and CEO of the Mindsight Institute, Caroline Welch, takes readers on a mindfulness journey to help them de-stress and cultivate inner peace. According to Welch, you do not need countless hours sitting in silence to be more present in your life — the key is to practice mindfulness wherever you are and whenever you can.

The Gift of Presence guides readers in developing four innate abilities we all possess that will allow us to become more resilient and centred in our lives — even when life is throwing all that it has at us:

  • Presence: the ability to remain firmly in the present moment; to be fully aware of what’s happening as it’s happening.
  • Purpose: the personal meaning that gets us going and gives direction to our lives.
  • Pivoting: an openness to change that allows you to switch direction if that is what is needed.
  • Pacing: the awareness that it is impossible to do everything we want or need to do all at once; the ability to take it life one step at a time.

This life-changing book reveals that you already hold in your hands the keys to a more harmonious life — you simply need to look within.