Air Element Candle


Call in the energy of air — analytical, intelligent and decisive  — with our hand-poured element candle. Air is the element for the Gemini, Libra and Aquarius zodiac signs but can be used by anyone wanting to connect with this strong energy.

  • 7 oz hand poured candle
  • 20+ hr burn time
  • 100% natural apricot coconut soy wax blend
  • Lapis Lazuli stones included for you to keep
  • Proprietary scent blend including jasmine, musk, rose and wood
  • Reiki charged to aid in emotional and spiritual release

Before any ritual, ground your energy with a moment of quiet reflection and intentional breathing. Write out your manifestation list and review it with high vibration energy. Make sure you are feeling optimistic! When you are ready, light your candle and allow your intentions to release to the Universe. Each time you light your candle, do so with thoughts of your desire being amplified.